May 19, 2014



IRON is an essential mineral used to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Ferric pyrophosphate is the iron fortificant of choice to reach the best combination of reasonable cost, bioavailibity from the diet, and the acceptance of any sensory changes. Budenheim developed a ferric phosphate for iron fortification in food: BUDAL® PLUS FE 481 / 482


Cereals, fruit drinks, bars, baked good, dairy products


+ BUDAL® PLUS FE 481 has a Fe content of 20 – 22%

+ BUDAL® PLUS FE 482 has a Fe content of 24 – 26 % and complies with FCC

+ BUDAL® PLUS FE 481/482 are delivered in constantly small particle size.

+ BUDAL® PLUS FE 481/482 have a light colour and a low moisture content

+ BUDAL® PLUS FE 481/482 are water insoluble and will not cause unacceptable sensory problems or texture changes

+ 100 % RELIABILITY – Budenheim’s guarantee in high purity exceeds even the strictest international regulations and requirements

For further assistance please contact: sunirand@suic-thai.com

New product launched by Budenheim Altesa S.L.U. “ALTESA®NEO”
May 15, 2014

ALTESA®NEO is the new range of products from Budenheim, developed to give every seafood product the maximum quality, flavour and juiciness.

+ Preserves the natural taste
+ Provides an appetizing appearance
+ Delivers a ­firm yet juicy texture
+ Can be used with any seafood product

Formulated from a balanced combination of citrates, the products in the ALTESA®NEO range help to ensure optimum moisture management, and flavour precursors, which stabilize the natural taste and aromas of fresh fish.

For further assistance please contact: sunirand@suic-thai.com